About Me, and My Bird Nest

My name, Qiu Qin, pronounces like "Chiu Chin".

I got my PhD in Electrical Engineering at the end of 2015. I am currently a Bioinformatician at Duke University.

I work on simulation, modeling, web applications and databases. I like traveling, running and taking photos.

See my CV.

My Name

Thanks to my parents. I always feel my names are elegant as you can rotate the "u" to get an "n". In Chinese, my first name comes from the first piece of the "Classic of Poetry", the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry. And my last name can be found in the second piece of it.

My Bird Nest

Responsive Design After finishing my PhD dissertation, I think it's a good time to make a nest for my little birds... The bird nest is my personal website showing my words and my pictures. The first version of my bird nest was built with ASP.NET and the Model-View-Controller pattern. In 2017, as I have been working on the Python-Django framework for a while and Google App Engine seems to be more reliable, I decided to "renovate" my bird nest with Python-Django.

My Blog, Swift

The Swift Blog captures what's in my mind with words. It was February 13th 2006, one day before the Valentine's Day, I used "Swift" to name my blog on MSN live space. Now the MSN live space is no longer live, and Swift have been moved to Wordpress. I haven't really write anything since I started my PhD. Working towards a PhD does not keep me busy. There are just so many distractions...

My Work, Sparrow

Sparrow was used to host my works, with a history that can be traced back to 2009. Linkedin was not that popular at that time, so I also ask Sparrow to pick up my resume. When looking at the history of Sparrow, I see the ideas are changing so rapidly...

My Gallery, Skylark

The Skylark Gallery displays some of my insteresting photos. Skylark started as the name of my Flickr. I used to use Apreture to manage my photos and sync them with Flickr. As Apple no longer update Aperture, I moved my pictures to Lightroom. Since then, I was too lazy to reconnect Flickr...

My Footprint, Swan

Swan is young, she enjoy the leisure time with me on the map...