The Astrology Collection

Seagull, Outer Banks, NC

From small scripts to home automation and pattern recognition, I like to make life easier with my engineering knowledge.

  • Aries , 2017-2019


    My Personal Python Library, including python modules for manipulating strings, storage/files, tasks and simplifying data access.

  • Taurus , 2009


    A windows Preinstallation Environment application to backup/restore system images.

  • Gemini , 2015-2019

    A collection of small programs doing small things.

  • Cancer , 2017-2020

    Python programs for processing FASTQ (genomic sequence) files on multiprocessor computer.

  • Leo , 2019

    Home Automation Solution with the Azure Functions

  • Virgo , 2019

    Exploring Data, Big or Small

  • Libra , 2016-2018

    A universal Windows platform app for viewing/annotating PDFs.

  • Sagittarius , 2017

    Adobe Lightroom plugin to GeoTag photos with Google location history data.

  • Capricorn , 2006


    Snake, the once-popular game in grandfather's Nokia cellphone.

  • Pisces , 2019

    Visualizing Medical Records from FHIR.