Sparrow's Projects

National Harbor, MD

The Astrology Collection

Astrology is a collection of my ideas and applications

From small scripts to home automation and pattern recognition, I like to make life easier with my engineering knowledge.

Duke University

Bioinformatics and Medicine

Exploring DNA, clinical data and medical imaging

Building cloud-based applications for tracking samples, clinical data, pathology images, genomic sequencing data and analysis pipelines.

Vestal, NY

Power Systems and Fault-Tolerant Control

Moving towards a smarter grid

Working with NYSERDA and NYSEG, we explored the future fault diagnosis, mitigation and optimization solutions for making our electric power transmission and distribution system smarter and more reliable.

Xi'an, China

Simulation and Modeling

The first step of my research

Started my research with connecting distributed simulations of manufacturing system, then I moved on to building my own pedestrians simulation system with Artificial Intelligence.